Monday, 23 November 2009

Sash!-1999-Colour the world [Maxi Cd]

Sash! maxi cd "Colour the world" taken from his second album "Life goes on".

01-Colour the world (Radio Edit)
02-Colour the world (Dale Cooper & Vincent Price Mix)
03-Colour the world (ATB Mix)

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Size 35.8
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Monday, 16 November 2009

Incognito feat. Jocelyn Brown-1991-Always there [Maxi Cd]

Incognito are a British band and one of the members of the English acid jazz movement. Their debut album, Jazz Funk, was released in 1981, with twelve more albums following, the last of which, Tales From The Beach, was released in 2008. Here is maxi cd "Always there" featuring Jocelyn Brown including "Journey into sunlight" taken from the album "Inside Life".

01-Always there (Edit)
02-Always there (12'' Mix)
03-Always there (Bluey's Mix)
04-Journey into sunlight

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Size 47.4
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Monday, 2 November 2009

Faithless-1998-Take the long way home [Maxi Cd]

"Sunday 8PM" is Faithless second album, released on September 18, 1998. The album contains the hit
singles "Bring My Family Back", "Take The Long Way Home", and "God Is A DJ". The album reached #10 place in the UK charts. Here is maxi cd "Take the long way home" including 16c+ remix.

01-Take the long way home (Radio Mix)
02-Take the long way home (Rollin' Mix)
03-Take the long way home (Epic Mix)
04-Take the long way home (16c+ Remix)

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Sunday, 18 October 2009

Clock-1995-Axel F [Maxi Cd]

Clock maxi cd "Axel F' including two mixes of "Keep pushing".

01-Axel F (Radio Short Stab)
02-Axel F (Primax Mix)
03-Keep pushin' (Clock N-R-G Mix)
04-Keep pushin' (PTP 'London' Mix)

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Size 51
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Sunday, 11 October 2009

Stereo Mc's-2001-We belong in this world together [Maxi Cd]

Stereo Mc's maxi cd "We belong in this world together" taken from their fourth album "Deep down & dirty" including video.

01-We belong in this world together (Original Version Radio Edit)
02-We belong in this world together (Chicken Lips Remix)
03-We belong in this world together (Chocolate Puma Remix)
04-We belong in this world together (Video)

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Size 65.9

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Monday, 5 October 2009

Love Decade-1991-So real [Maxi Cd]

Love Decade maxi cd "So real" including acapella and massive 7''version.

01-So real (Massive Mix)
02-So real (Crunch Mix)
03-So real (Elysian Mix)
04-So real (Acapella)
05-So real (Massive Mix 7'' Version)

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Size 52.6
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Monday, 28 September 2009

Reid-1989-Good times [Maxi Cd]

Reid maxi cd "Good times" including Worlds end dub.

01-Good times (Radio Version)
02-Good times (Santa Monica Mix)
03-Good times (Worlds End Dub)

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Size 32.2
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Monday, 21 September 2009

Fatboy Slim-1999-Right here, right now [Maxi Cd]

"Right Here, Right Now" is a 1999 single by Fatboy Slim. The song reached #2 on the UK charts. It was released on the studio album You've Come a Long Way, Baby and the compilation album The Greatest Hits - Why Try Harder. The basic string melody of the song was sampled from the James Gang song, "Ashes, The Rain & I". The lyrics "right here, right now" are a sample of Angela Bassett's voice from the film Strange Days at the 1:39:08 mark.

01-Right here, right now
02-Don't forget your teeth
03-Praise you (Original Version)

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Size 40.2
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Thursday, 17 September 2009

Nu Colours-1996-Desire [Maxi Cd]

Nu Colours maxi cd "Desire" with six mixes.

01-Desire (7'')
02-Desire (Ethnic Boyz Main Mix)
03-Desire (Linslee Extended Mix)
04-Desire (Full Chorus London)
05-Desire (Mindspell Classic Club Experience)
06-Desire (The Gospel Truth According To Mindspell)

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Size 75.2
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Monday, 14 September 2009

Mc Fixx It-1991-You can love it [Maxi Cd]

Mc Fixx It maxi cd "You can love it" including two mixes of "Bring it back".

01-You can love it (Single Version)
02-Bring it back (Single Version)
03-You can love it (12'' Version)
04-Bring it back (12'' Version)

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Size 40.5
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Sunday, 23 August 2009

Papa Dee-1990-Beatiful women (Love supreme) [Maxi Cd]

David Christopher Daniel Wahlgren, better known by the stage name Papa Dee, is a Swedish rap, ragga and dancehall musician. His most commercially successful track is his version of the Cat Stevens song "The First Cut Is the Deepest". Papa Dee debuted in 1988 with the single "Funky Raggamuffin/Let the Music Play", a mixture of dancehall and hip hop. He then joined the Stonefunkers and became the group's rapper. This was followed by a few years of cooperation with Rob'n'Raz. He then went solo, and had his breakthrough in 1990 with the album Lettin' Off Steam, which was predominantly hip hop and dancehall. Here is maxi cd "Beatiful women" including "The chosen one" 1988 original style mix.

01-Beatiful women (Love supreme)
02-The chosen one [1988 Original Style]
03-Beatiful women (Love supreme) [New York Mix]
04-Beatiful women (Love supreme) [The Rockers Mix]

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Size 43.7
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Wednesday, 5 August 2009

E-Zee Possee-1990-The sun machine [Maxi Cd]

E-Zee Possee was a British dance, acid house and techno group, active between 1989 and 1991, made up of vocalists and musicians, and led by MC Kinky. She was a rapper and friend of Boy George, and E-Zee Possee were promoted by George's label, More Protein. Here is their forth single on maxi cd "The sun machine".

01-The sun machine (7'' Edit)
02-The sun machine (Master Mix)
03-The sun machine (Tommy D's Face-The-Bass Mix)

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Wednesday, 8 July 2009

The Brand New Heavies-1997-Shelter [Maxi Cd]

"Shelter" is an album by The Brand New Heavies that was released in 1997. It is the only album by the group with Siedah Garrett as a member. Garrett had joined the group in 1996, but left in early 1998 to concentrate on her own songwriting. As part of the band, she enjoyed a minor hit with a cover of the Carole King-penned song "You've Got a Friend" that was originally made famous by James Taylor. It was the group's only top 10 hit single in the UK, reaching number 9 when released as the third single from the album. Here is maxi cd "Shelter" including rare track "More love".

01-Shelter (Spike's Remix)
02-Shelter (Original Mix)
03-More love

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Saturday, 4 July 2009

Nitro-1991-Who do you call [Maxi Cd]

Nitro maxi cd "Who do you call" including bodyslam mix.

01-Who do you call (Eternity 7'')
02-Who do you call (Explosive Mix)
03-Who do you call (All Alone Ambient Mix)
04-Who do you call (Bodyslam Mix)

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Monday, 29 June 2009

Livin' Joy-1995-Dreamer [Maxi Cd]

Dreamer" is a song released by Livin' Joy in 1994. It was a number 1 dance single in the US in 1994 and reached number 1 for singles in the UK in 1995 having sold over 130,000 copies in a single week to displace Oasis from the top of the chart. The 1994 MCA maxi-single release of Dreamer included the Original Club Mix produced by the Italian team Venturi DJ and Viani DJ. It also included Junior Vasquez's Sound Factory Mix and his Factory Dub, so-named for the New York City club where Vasquez DJd at the time. Dreamer is considered one of the greatest dance anthems of the post-disco era, and it is still played by club DJs around the world. In 2005 and 2006, the label Red Zebra Music released two CDs of new Dreamer remixes, these credited to Janice Robinson, the vocalist who had gone unmentioned on the 1994 Dreamer release.

01-Dreamer (7'' Mix)
02-Dreamer (Original Club Mix)
03-Dreamer (Rollo's Big Mix)
04-Dreamer (Loveland's Viva Tenerife Mix)
05-Dreamer (Junior Vasquez Sound Factory Mix)
06-Dreamer (Jupiter 12'' Collision Mix)

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Size 90.1
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Thursday, 25 June 2009

Fugees-1995-Fu-Gee-La [Maxi Cd]

"Fu-Gee-La" is the first single from the Fugees second album, The Score. The song, which was produced by Salaam Remi, contains a sample of "If Loving You Is Wrong, I Don't Want To Be Right" by Ramsey Lewis, and its chorus is based on "Ooh La La La" by Teena Marie. Several remixes of the song (the "Refugee Camp Remix" and the "Sly & Robbie Remix", which features Akon) also appear on The Score. It is the highest-selling single from the Fugees, and has been certified gold by RIAA.

01-Fu-Gee-La (Album Version)
02-Fu-Gee-La (North Side Mix)
03-Fu-Gee-La (Refugee Camp Remix)
04-Fu-Gee-La (Sly & Robbie Mix)
05-Fu-Gee-La (Wyclef's Global Acoustic Mix)
06-Fu-Gee-La (Fugi A Capella)

Bitrate 320
Size 59.6
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