Thursday, 31 July 2008

Dj Miko-1994-Whats up [7inch]

DJ Miko, born Monier Quartrarro, is an Italian DJ. He had a hit with a cover of Four Non Blondes's "Whats Up" in 1994, one year after the original. His version, featuring British vocalist Louise Gard, hit #58 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #6 in the United Kingdom. Here is 7inch "Whats up" with radio edit and 4 blondes mix.

01-Whats up (Radio Edit)
02-Whats up (4 Blondes Mix)

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Size 21.4
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Monday, 28 July 2008

Lauryn Hill-1999-Ex-Factor [Maxi Cd]

Lauryn Hill is a Grammy Award-winning American singer, rapper, musician, songwriter, producer, and film actress. Early in her career, she established her reputation in the hip-hop world as the lone female member of The Fugees. In 1998, she released The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, a commercially successful album that was also one of the most critically acclaimed releases ever. The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill sold over 423,000 copies in its first week and topped the Billboard R&B Album chart for 6 weeks. Here is third single "Ex-Factor" with three excellent mixes.

01-Ex-Factor (Album Version)
02-Ex-Factor part II (Ex-Factor Remix)
03-Ex-Factor (A Simple Mix)

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Friday, 25 July 2008

Inner City-1989-Whatcha gonna do with my lovin' [7inch]

Inner City topped dance charts in America and Britain 11 times, hit the UK Top 40 eight times and sold around 6 million records. The group is best known for their early dancefloor / pop music crossover tracks "Big Fun" (UK #8, US Dance #1) and "Good Life" (UK #4, US Dance #1). Debut album "Paradise" was a great success in the UK and in U.S. clubs and was one of the first house music albums to cross over to the mainstream charts, particularly in Europe. The album was retitled Big Fun for its U.S. release, and the ballad "Power of Passion" was replaced with "Whatcha Gonna Do with My Lovin'" when that song became popular in the U.S. Here is rare 7 inch "Whatcha gonna do with my lovin'" with Duane Bradley Mix of "Set your body free" on B side.

01-Whatcha gonna do with my lovin' (Def Radio Mix)
02-Set your body free (Duane Bradley Mix)

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Size 18.6
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Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Mark Morrison-1996-Trippin' [Maxi Cd]

Mark Morrison first recorded professionally in 1995 whilst held in Leicester Prison, following a three month stint during which he decided to become a vocalist. His first release was "Crazy", in spring 1995; the single reached the Top 20 in the UK, with the minor hit "Let's Get Down" following in the autumn. "Return of the Mack" followed in spring 1996, and was the first single by a solo British black male artist to reach the number 1 spot in the UK Singles Chart in the 1990s. A reissue of "Crazy" hit the Top 10 in summer 1996, with further single releases "Trippin'", "Horny" and "Moan and Groan" also making the Top 10 in the UK Singles Chart. Morrison's first album, also titled Return of the Mack, was released in 1996 by Warner Bros/Atlantic Records, and reached number 4 in the UK Album Chart. Here is maxi cd "Trippin" including C & J mixes.

01-Trippin' (C & J Radio Edit)
02-Trippin' (Salaam Remi Mix)
03-Trippin' (C & J Mix)
04-Trippin' (Album Version)

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Sunday, 20 July 2008

Lil Kim feat. Phil Collins-2001-In the air tonite [Maxi Cd Promo]

Kimberly Denise Jones, better known by her stage name Lil' Kim, is an American multi-platinum rapper and singer. Her 2005 album, The Naked Truth, was awarded the 5 mics award from The Source magazine. She is the only female rapper so far to have achieved this distinction. In 2002, she won a Grammy Award for her role in "Lady Marmalade". Here is promo maxi cd "In the air tonite" featuring Phil Collins with boogieman radio version.

01-In the air tonite (Boogieman Radio Version)

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Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Snap-1990-Ooops up [12inch]

Snap! is an electronic music project formed in 1989 by German producers Michael Münzing and Luca Anzilotti. The act has been through a number of line-up changes over the years, but was most successful fronted by charismatic rapper Turbo B, who performed on the UK number 1 singles "The Power" and "Rhythm Is a Dancer". Their first album World Power is one of the most successful dance albums of all time, with worldwide sales estimated at 7 million. Here is the second single 12inch "Ooops Up", a re-working of "Oops Upside Your Head", a 1980 hit by The Gap Band, with which Penny Ford was a former backing singer. With drum samples from "Paid in Full" by Eric B & Rakim, it was another number 2 hit in Germany and charted at number 5 in the UK. 7'' and instrumental version and excellent double trouble mix.

01-Ooops up (The Double Trouble Mix)
02-Ooops up (7'' Edit)
03-Ooops up (Instrumental)

Bitrate 320
Size 33.1
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Thursday, 10 July 2008

The Source feat. Candi Staton-1996-You got the love (The Remixes) [Maxi Cd]

The Source originally started out as an alias of unknown origin for Source Records's 1986 single release "You Got the Love" which featured Candi Staton. In 1989, DJ Eren, put Candi Staton's vocals over a track by Frankie Knuckles called "Your Love" which became a club hit. This was also released on a bootleg EP known as "Love/Rock". John Truelove then adopted the moniker himself and continued releasing records using the name. The mash-up - each time credited to The Source featuring Candi Staton - originally charted in 1991, reaching number 4 in the UK Singles Chart. However it was remixed and re-released again by Truelove using his Now Voyager moniker in 1997, reaching one spot higher at number 3. In 2006 it was remixed and re-released yet again, reaching number 7. Here is maxi cd remixes "You got the love".

01-You got the love (Now Voyager Radio Mix)
02-You got the love (Original Radio Mix)
03-You got the love (Now Voyager Mix)
04-You got the love (Rhythm Masters Classic Vocal Mix)
05-You got the love (Farley And Heller Roachin' In Tha Bassbin Mix)
06-You got the love (Original Mix)

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Sunday, 6 July 2008

Jason Nevins presents The Funk Rocker feat. Marc Bolan-2004-I'm the main man [Maxi Cd]

Jason Nevins is an American producer and remixer, who is most widely known for his pop dance productions. In the early 90s he began releasing house singles under various monikers through Strictly Rhythm records, but achieved global recognition in 1996 with his production of Run-DMC's "It's Like That", which was released under the title Run-DMC vs. Jason Nevins, reaching the #1 spot in over 30 countries, including the German Top 100 and the UK Top 40 charts. It went on to sell a staggering five million copies. This single also prevented the Spice Girls from reaching the #1 spot in the UK at the time. Here is maxi cd "I'm the main main" presents The Funk Rocker featuring Marc Bolan with three mixes and video.

01-I'm the main man (Radio Edit)
02-I'm the main man (JDS Radio Edit)
03-I'm the main man (Album Version)
04-I'm the main man (Video)

Bitrate 320
Size 48.7
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Thursday, 3 July 2008

Roger Sanchez presents Twilight-1999-I want your love [Maxi Cd]

Roger Sanchez , also known as Roger S. and The S Man, in is a popular Dominican-American house DJ who has scored many hits in the European and World Charts. In 2004, Sanchez won his first Grammy Award for Best Remixed Recording for his remix of No Doubt's "Hella Good." Here is maxi cd "I want your love" presents Twilight and includes mixes by Roger Sanchez nad Rhythm Masters.

01-I want your love (Roger's Classic Radio Edit)
02-I want your love (Roger's Classic Club Mix)
03-I want your love (Rhythm Masters Thumpin Mix)

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Size 42.1
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