Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Loni Clark-1994-U [7inch]

Next is house/garage 7inch Loni Clark with third single "U". K Klass and NY Radio Mixes.

01-U (K Klass Radio Mix)
02-U (NY Radio Mix)

U can get mi here!!!

Bitrate 320
Size 18.7
Vinyl Rip

Sunday, 27 May 2007

F.O.R.C.E.n.K.Zee-1992-Lords of the dance [7inch]

Next 7inch is F.O.R.C.E.n.K.Zee with Lords of the dance. I don't remember anything about this group.

01-Lords of the dance (Radio edit)
02-Lords of the dance (Ragga instrumental)

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Bitrate 320
Size 20
Vinyl Rip

Friday, 25 May 2007

Dimples D-1990-Sucker DJ [7inch]

Dimples D was born Crystal Smith. Probably the finest ever female rap track in history, the only real noteworthy portion of this female rapper's brief career is the single "Sucker DJ" produced and mixed by Ben Liebrand.

01-Sucker DJ (Radio edit)
02-Sucker drums

Sucker DJ is here!!!

Bitrate 320
Size 17.8
Vinyl Rip

Monday, 21 May 2007

Leila K-1992-Open Sesame [12 inch]

She was one of the best selling female artists in Europe in 1993, swedish rapper Leila K. This is her second and biggest single Open sesame on 12inch with for great mixes produced by Denniz Pop & Douglas Carr.

01-Open sesame (Long version)
02-Open sesame (Short version)
03-Open sesame (Felix remix)
04-Open sesame (Bouncing baby mix)

Open sesame here!!!!

Bitrate 320
Size 48.4
Vinyl Rip

Friday, 18 May 2007

Nomad feat. Daddae Harvey-1989-The ragamuffin number [12 inch]

Before they hit Number One dance chart with song "I wanna give you devotion" in '91, Nomad (Damon Rochefort & Steve McCutcheon) released this 12 inch featuring Daddae Harvey "The raggamuffin number"

01-The ragamuffin number feat. Daddae Harvey
02-It really doesn't matter
03-Bonus beats

Raggamuffin number is here!!!

Bitrate 320
Size 25.6
Vinyl Rip

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Michael Rose-1989-Keep the fire burning [12inch]

Michael Rose left Black Uhuru in 1986 and started solo career. In 1989 he signed for RCA and released this rare 12 inch Keep the fire brurning.

01-Keep the fire burning (Dump The Lump-Big)
02-Keep the fire burning (Dub The Lump)
03-Keep the fire burning (Dump The Lump)

Fire burning here!!!

Bitrate 320
Size 37.5
Vinyl Rip

Sunday, 13 May 2007

Beastie Boys-1994-Get it together [7inch Limited edition]

Brooklyn & Manhattan Beastie Boys on Limited edition green vinyl 7 inch with rare song "Dope little song" released only on Japan version III Communication as bonus track.

01-Get it together
03-Dope little song

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Bitrate 320
Size 20.8
Vinyl Rip

Thursday, 10 May 2007

Snap-1990-Cult of Snap [12 inch]

Throughout their career, they scored nine Top 10 singles, including two Number ones in the UK. Snap with third single from first album Cult of Snap on this 12inch.

01-Cult of Snap (World Power Mix)
02-Cult of Snap (Ibiza '90 Mix)
03-Cult of Snap (Album Version)

Snap here!!!

Bitrate 320
Size 40.4
Vinyl Rip

Tuesday, 8 May 2007

The Brotherhood-1996-Punk funk [12inch]

From the album Elementalz, UK Hip-Hop group The Brotherhood on 12inch with four great mixes!!

01-Punk funk
02-Mad headz (The Underdog Remix)
03-Mad headz (More Edz Remix)
04-Mad headz (Dj Crystl Remix)

Punk Funk!!!

Bitrate 320
Size 47
Vinyl Rip

Sunday, 6 May 2007

Black Uhuru-1983-What is life [7inch]

What to say about Black Uhuru? No enough pages!! Grammy winner What is life 7inch with same mix on both sides.

01-What is life

Life is here!!!!

Bitrate 320
Size 7.5
Vinyl Rip

Saturday, 5 May 2007

Warren G feat. Adina Howard-1996-What's love got to do with it [12inch]

Warren G & Adina Howard!!! What a combination!! Tina Turner song taken from the Supercop soundtrack.

01-What's love got to do with it (Album Version)
02-What's love got to do with it (Radio Version)
03-What's love got to do with it (Instrumental)

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Bitrate 320
Size 29.5
Vinyl Rip

Thursday, 3 May 2007

Blue Pearl-1990-Naked in the rain [7inch]

American singer Durga McBroom and British musician Martin Youth were Blue Pearl. Naked in the rain was a 5 dance hit in 1990.

01-Naked in the rain (Radio Mix)
02-Naked in the rain (7 Instrumental Mix)

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Bitrate 320
Size 18.6
Vinyl Rip