Thursday, 31 January 2008

Dj Power-1992-Everybody pump [Maxi Cd]

Dj Power first hit "Everybody pump" on Maxi Cd with three mixes.

01-Everybody pump (Radio Mix)
02-Everybody pump (Lelewel Mix)
03-Everybody pump (Power Ambient Mix)

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Produced by Pan Pot Production SRL
Bitrate 320
Size 28.1
Cd Rip

Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Cypress Hill-2001-Lowrider [Maxi Cd]

Stoned Raiders is the sixth studio album by rap group Cypress Hill. It was recorded and released in 2001. This album is best-known for two of its songs - Trouble and Lowrider. Here is Maxi Cd "Lowrider" with"Trouble" and "(Rock) Superstar".

01-Lowrider (Radio Edit)
02-Trouble (Explict Lp Version)
03-(Rock) Superstar (Lp Version)

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Produced, arranged and mixed by Muggs
Bitrate 320
Size 32.2
Cd Rip

Monday, 28 January 2008

Magnifico & Turbolentza-2004-Hir ai kam, hir ai go [Maxi Cd]

Magnifico is one of the biggest pop stars Slovenia has to offer. He is a singer, songwriter, guitar player, producer, real hit maker, from time to time even an actor, but above all a great performer, who again and again manages to shock the public. The biggest hit "Hir ai kam, hir ai go" all around the Balkan and Europe on 12 inch including uncensored video is here.

01-Hir ai kam, hir ai go (Radio Edit)
02-Hir ai kam, hir ai go (Video Uncensored)

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Recorded in studio Dom Svobode from 2001/2003
Prodeced by Schatzi
Bitrate 320
Size 67
Cd Rip

Thursday, 24 January 2008

Silvah Bullet-1998-Jewelz and diamondz [Maxi Cd]

Silver Bullet relaunched himself as a solo artist onto the hip hop scene in 1998 as Silvah Bullet with 12's "Dem Beass", "Chemissinyadiss" and "Jewelz And Diamondz" on Arthrob. Apparently, an album was recorded on Arthrob, but was never released. Here is Maxi Cd "Jewelz nad diamondz" with two mixes and "Walk thru this worl".

01-Jewelz and diamondz (Radio Edit)
02-Jewelz and diamondz (Da Funkstarz Devastatin Dub Remix)
03-Walk thru this worl

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Produced by R.Brown and Dirty Beatnicks
Bitrate 320
Side 39.5
Cd Rip

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Third World-1985-One to one [12inch]

Formed in 1973, Third World is committed to the excellence of reggae music by combining Jamaican Reggae and Folk music with all strains of African rhythms, American pop, rhythm and blues, rap and classical music. Third World is one of the longest running and most diverse bands Jamaica has ever produced. Here is 12inch "One to one" taken from the album "Sense of purpose" including "Dancing on the floor" taken from the album "Rock the world".

01-One to one (Shep Pettibone Remix)
02-Reggae jam boogie
03-Dancing on the floor (Hooked on love)
04-One to one (Heavy Dub)

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Produced by Third World
Bitrate 320
Size 46.4
Vinyl Rip

Monday, 21 January 2008

M People-1994-Renaissance [7inch]

With ten Top Ten UK singles, the band was one of the most consistent hit-makers of the 1990s, and the album Bizarre Fruit stayed in the UK charts for more than two years, becoming one of the biggest selling albums of the decade. M People UK number 5 single "Renaissance" on 7 inch is next with album and radio mixes.

01-Renaissance (Radio Mix)
02-Renaissance (Album Mix)

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Produced and mixed by M People
Bitrate 320
Size 20.5
Vinyl Rip

Saturday, 19 January 2008

Quivver-1994-Twist + shout [Maxi Cd]

Quivver tunes are a part of every top DJ's box and have been for some time now, from -the early days of 'Saxy Lady' and 'Twist & Shout' right up to date with the monstrous 'She Does', Quivver has been, and continues to be, one of dance's main attractions. Here is "Twist + shout" on Maxi Cd with three mixes.

01-Twist + shout (Radio Edit)
02-Twist + shout (Original Vocal Mix)
03-Twist + shout (Full On Mix)

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Produced + Mixed by John Graham
Bitrate 320
Size 44.5
Cd Rip

Friday, 18 January 2008

M-Beat feat. General Levy-1994-Incredible [7inch]

M-Beat featuring General Levy number one jungle hit "Incredible" on 7inch with two mixes.

01-Incredible (Original Mix)
02-Incredible (Instrumental)

Incredible is here!!!

All Music Compiled, Written & Produced by M-Beat
Bitrate 320
Size 17
Vinyl Rip

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Unique 3 feat. Karin-1990-Rhythm takes control [Maxi Cd]

Unique 3 broke the national top 20 with their left-field UK Hip-Hop track "Musical Melody" (not an easy feat. Back Then) & enjoyed 4 top 5 club chart hits & 2 club no.1's. Maxi Cd "Rhythm takes control" featuring Karin is next with three mixes.

01-Rhythm takes control
02-Rhythm takes control
03-Rhythm takes control (Instrumental Mix)

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Produced, arranged & mixed by Unique 3
Bitrate 320
Size 30.7
Cd Rip

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Ace Of Base-1994-Don't turn around [7inch]

Ace of Base have won a number of awards and broken many records. Their first album The Sign was given the Guinness World Record for "Best-Selling Debut Album". Combined sales of Happy Nation and The Sign are thought to have now reached 23 million. It reached the number 1 position in at least thirteen countries: Argentina, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Israel, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, United Kingdom and United States. Song "Don't turn around" have received platinum RIAA certification, awarded April 6, 1994. Here is 7inch "Dont't turn around" Aswad mix produced by Tommy Ekman & Per Adebratt. B side "Young and proud" produced by Joker/Buddha.

01-Don't turn around (The Aswad Mix)
02-Young and proud

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Bitrate 320
Size 18.5
Vinyl Rip

Sunday, 13 January 2008

The Groovetrain-1988-Why did you do it [12inch]

The Groovetrain 1988 big hit "Why did you do it" on 12 inch produced by Martin Ware. B side "All aboard" produced by Marius Devries.

01-Why did you do it (Extended Version)
02-All aboard

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Bitrate 320
Size 19.1
Vinyl Rip

Friday, 11 January 2008

Damian Jr. Gong Marley feat. Stephen Marley-2006-All night [Maxi Cd]

He is a Rastafarian and his music reflects both his beliefs and the Rastafarian guiding principles of one love, one planet, and freedom for all. Damian Marley's Promo Maxi Cd "All night" featuring Stephen Marley taken from album "Welcome to Jamrock".

01-All night (Album Version)

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Produced by S. Marley and D. Marley
Bitrate 320
Size 8.16
Cd Rip

Thursday, 10 January 2008

The Coolnotes-1990-Spend the night [Maxi Cd]

The Coolnotes were a mid-eighties pop group who had a string of top 75 hits in the UK between 1984 and 1986. The band consisted of seven members of both vocal and instrumental talent. They are best known for their UK number 11 hit "Spend The Night". Here is Maxi Cd "Spend the night" with three mixes and "Come on back to me".

01-Spend the night (7'' Remix)
02-Spend the night (One Night Stand Mix)
03-Spend the night (Cool Mix)
04-Come on back to me

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Produced by The Coolnotes
Bitrate 320
Size 40.3
Cd Rip

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

Reel 2 Real-1996-Jazz it up [Maxi Cd]

Reel 2 Real was a house music duo with reggae influences that scored seven Top 10 hits on the Hot Dance Music/Club Play chart in the nineties. The act's core member is producer and DJ Eric Morillo. The first release as Reel 2 Real was "The New Anthem" which spent a week at #1 in 1992. Here is Maxi Cd "Jazz it up" taken from the album "Are you ready for some more" with six tracks including KLM mixes.

01-Jazz it up (Erick More Radio Edit)
02-Jazz it up (KLM Jazzed Up Vocal)
03-Jazz it up (KLM Pumped Up Vocal)
04-Jazz it up (Erick Morillo Project Mix)
05-Jazz it up (KLM Dub)
06-Jazz it up (KLM Jazz Dub)

Bitrate 320
Size 80.6
Cd Rip

Monday, 7 January 2008

Shabba Ranks feat. Mykal Rose-1995-Shine eye gal [Maxi Cd]

Shabba Ranks stands among the most popular Jamaican dancehall artists of his generation. He was also one of the first Jamaican deejays to gain worldwide acceptance, and recognition for his 'slack' lyrical expressions and content, when "ridin' de riddim". His gravel toned, rough-sounding voice made him instantly recognized worldwide. UK number 46 "Shine eye gal" featuring Mykal Rose Maxi cd is on blog today with five mixes including jungle mixes by Shy Fx.

01-Shine Eye Gal (Radio Edit)
02-Shine Eye Gal (Royal Red Club Mix)
03-Shine Eye Gal (Jeep Mix)
04-Shine Eye Gal (Shy Fx Easy Does It Mix)
05-Shine Eye Gal (Shy Fx Simple Tings Mix)

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Produced by C "Specialist" Dillon
Bitrate 320
Size 58.1
Cd Rip

Saturday, 5 January 2008

Raw Stylus-1993-Use me [12inch]

Raw Stylus was a London-based dance music funk/soul/jazz outfit whose core members were Donna Gardier, Jules Brookes and Ron Aslan. They released a single U.S. Hot Dance Club Play chart entry in 1995, "Believe In Me," which hit number one. Originally, Raw Stylus released white label vinyl records into the London club scene in the early 90's. "Pushing Against the Flow" was a popular underground song and later became the title track of their album. Early singles included "Bright Lights, Big Cities", "Pushing Against the Flow", "Many Ways (Mo' Wax)" and "Use Me (Acid Jazz)" which 12inch is presented today on blog with two mixes and song "Boom".

01-Use me
02-Use me (12'' Remix)

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All tracks produced by Ron Aslan and Max J. Brookes
Bitrate 320
Size 36.6
Vinyl Rip

Friday, 4 January 2008

Dina Carroll-1993-Express [Dj Promo 12inch]

In January 1993, Dina Carroll released first album "So close" and entered the top 10 of the UK Albums Chart. The album continued to generate a string of hits, such as "This Time" #22 and "Express" #12. One of the tracks on the album, "Don't Be a Stranger", a cover version of a song originally recorded by Chyna, was the sixth single from the album, but a new version was recorded for the single release, with the London Session Orchestra providing strings for a new backing track. This completely transformed the song, and when it was released, it became Carroll's biggest chart hit, reaching #3 and spending many weeks inside the Top 10. Here is Dj promo 12inch with S&P Jervier mixes.

01-Express (12'' Master)
02-Express (Alternative Mix)
03-Express (Instrumental)

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Produced by Nigel Lowis
Bitrate 320
Size 31.8
Vinyl Rip

Thursday, 3 January 2008

Fun Lovin' Criminals-1997-King of New York [Maxi Cd]

Last single taken from Fun Lovin' Criminals first and probably the best album "Come find yourself" is "King of New York". Here is Maxi Cd "King of New York" with three mixes including new Jack Dangers mix and "Blues for suckers".

01-King of New York (Album Version)
02-King of New York (Jack Dangers Mix Complex #2)
03-Blues for suckers
04-King of New York (Album Instrumental)

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All songs written, arranged, produced, performed by Fun Lovin' Criminals
Bitrate 320
Size 38.2
Cd Rip

Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Tone Loc-1989-I got it goin' on [7inch]

Tone Loc debut album "Lōc-ed After Dark" was a huge success, making it to #1 on the Billboard 200 and #3 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop album charts. The album featured three hit singles, "Wild thing", "Funky cold medina", and "I got it goin' on" and was certified Platinum by the RIAA. Here is 7inch "I got it goin' on (remix)" with B side "The homies".

01-I got it goin' on (Remix Edit)
02-The homies (On Tilt Mix)

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Produced, arranged & mixed by Matt Dike and Michael Ross
Bitrate 320
Size 14.4
Vinyl Rip