Monday, 28 September 2009

Reid-1989-Good times [Maxi Cd]

Reid maxi cd "Good times" including Worlds end dub.

01-Good times (Radio Version)
02-Good times (Santa Monica Mix)
03-Good times (Worlds End Dub)

Bitrate 320
Size 32.2
Cd Rip

Monday, 21 September 2009

Fatboy Slim-1999-Right here, right now [Maxi Cd]

"Right Here, Right Now" is a 1999 single by Fatboy Slim. The song reached #2 on the UK charts. It was released on the studio album You've Come a Long Way, Baby and the compilation album The Greatest Hits - Why Try Harder. The basic string melody of the song was sampled from the James Gang song, "Ashes, The Rain & I". The lyrics "right here, right now" are a sample of Angela Bassett's voice from the film Strange Days at the 1:39:08 mark.

01-Right here, right now
02-Don't forget your teeth
03-Praise you (Original Version)

Bitrate 320
Size 40.2
Cd Rip

Thursday, 17 September 2009

Nu Colours-1996-Desire [Maxi Cd]

Nu Colours maxi cd "Desire" with six mixes.

01-Desire (7'')
02-Desire (Ethnic Boyz Main Mix)
03-Desire (Linslee Extended Mix)
04-Desire (Full Chorus London)
05-Desire (Mindspell Classic Club Experience)
06-Desire (The Gospel Truth According To Mindspell)

Bitrate 320
Size 75.2
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Monday, 14 September 2009

Mc Fixx It-1991-You can love it [Maxi Cd]

Mc Fixx It maxi cd "You can love it" including two mixes of "Bring it back".

01-You can love it (Single Version)
02-Bring it back (Single Version)
03-You can love it (12'' Version)
04-Bring it back (12'' Version)

Bitrate 320
Size 40.5
Cd Rip