Monday, 28 January 2008

Magnifico & Turbolentza-2004-Hir ai kam, hir ai go [Maxi Cd]

Magnifico is one of the biggest pop stars Slovenia has to offer. He is a singer, songwriter, guitar player, producer, real hit maker, from time to time even an actor, but above all a great performer, who again and again manages to shock the public. The biggest hit "Hir ai kam, hir ai go" all around the Balkan and Europe on 12 inch including uncensored video is here.

01-Hir ai kam, hir ai go (Radio Edit)
02-Hir ai kam, hir ai go (Video Uncensored)

Get hir ai kam here!!!

Recorded in studio Dom Svobode from 2001/2003
Prodeced by Schatzi
Bitrate 320
Size 67
Cd Rip