Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Rhythm Revolution-1992-Now gimme your beat [Maxi Cd]

The one and biggest Rhythm Revolution hit "Now gimme your beat" on Maxi cd with five good mixes.

01-Now gimme your beat (Radio Edit)
02-Now gimme your beat (Special Surprise)
03-Now gimme your beat (Dynamic Mix)
04-Now gimme your beat (Tekno NRG Mix)
05-Now gimme your beat (Down Beat Mix)

Gimme your beat with click!!!!

Bitrate 320
Size 56.1
Cd Rip


Shaggy Fan said...

Hi do u remember my shaggy request? :)

DjTaurunum said...

As I sad in previous post I will do it when I get free time. I do not rip vinyl's every day because I don't have much time. When I get day off I rip 5-10 vinyl's and slowly show them on my blog. Shaggy will be in next round. I still have copuple of rips waiting to be published..

Take it easy cool and calm

Shaggy Fan said...

Just thought of reminding you thats it...I shall keep calm & wait patiently :)