Monday, 10 December 2007

Another Bad Creation-1991-Playground [Maxi Cd]

Another Bad Creation’s debut album Coolin' at the Playground Ya Know! was released on February 11, 1991. The album’s two biggest singles were the first and second singles: “Iesha” and “Playground”, respectively, which reached the top ten on both the R&B and Pop charts. Here is Maxi Cd "Playground" with four mixes.

01-Playground (Radio Remix)
02-Playground (Young Jack Club Mix)
03-Playground (Play-Funk Mix)
04-Playground (Hip Hop Creation)

Playground is here, just click!!!!

Produced and Arranged by Dallas Austin
Bitrate 320
Size 43.3
Cd Rip


MadMat71 said...

great release man! do you happen to have also the first single? thanks again

DjTaurunum said...

Sorry madmat71,

I have to dissapoint you. I don't have first single

take care