Thursday, 5 June 2008

Lisa Stansfield-1990-Live together (New version) [12inch]

"Affection" is the debut album by English pop/soul singer Lisa Stansfield, released in the UK, in November 1989, for BMG/Arista label. The record was widely hailed as one of the finest debut albums ever by a British soul artist, going straight to number two in the UK Albums Chart. The long playing, with its combination of pop/souldance music, went on to sell almost 5 million copies worldwide, confirming the arrival of a major new star. It was released in multiple editions, in different countries and years, with alternative track listings, including five hit singles: "This Is the Right Time" (which does not feature on the original vinyl LP release), "All Around the World", "Live Together", "What Did I Do to You?" (which came out as a 12" EP) and was a #25 UK hit, and "You Can't Deny It" (not released in the UK) - plus a sixth one, namely "People Hold On" (her very first major hit, performed with Coldcut, also in 1989, but only contained in the 2003 remastered compact disc edition). Here is 12inch "Live together" with extended and big beat mix + "Sing it".

01-Live together (Extended Version)
02-Live together (Big Beat Mix)
03-Sing it

Click here and live together!!!!

Bitrate 320
Size 44.3
Vinyl Rip


jpb2525 said...

Great song choice! Thanks. I had almost forgotten about this one!

martymartymarty said...

Thank you so much for posting these versions! The vinyl differs significantly from the CD single edition(s) and it is great to FINALLY hear these!!! =)

DjTaurunum said...

Thanks folks!! I love Lisa to!!! :)

Marty what songs/mixes are on cd single?

take care

MISTY said...

hi dj taurunam..:)

ive just found out about this blog and im so happy!

i cant download these files maybe something wrong....would you please re-upload? :)