Friday, 19 September 2008

Simon Harris-1990-Don't stop the music [12inch]

Simon Harris is predominantly known as the founder of the British hip hop record label Music of Life, although he is also an influential DJ, award winning producer, remixer of several Grammy Award winning artists and pioneer of electronic music. Here is his 12inch and big 1990 hit "Don't stop the music" starring Dina Carroll & Monte Luv including "Ragga house" with Daddy Freddy and "Love brake".

01-Don't stop the music (Critical Club Mix) [Starring Dina Carroll & Monte Luv]
02-Ragga House (Return Of The Prodigal Raggamuffin Mix) [Starring Daddy Freddy]
03-Love brake

Click here to get Don't stop the music!!!

Bitrate 320
Size 38.7
Vinyl Rip


Dunproofin' said...

If anyone could point me in the way of Simon Harris' first album I would be eternally grateful.

Rizzla said...

dude if you would re-up this i'd be eternally grateful


Hi !

I put a link to your blog.

Effectively, this file doesn't work.

acrsp1 said...

this link is broken...