Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Aswad-1997-One shot chilla [MaxiCd]

Aswad continues to draw on its roots influence and expand its sound on "Big Up" with dancehall rhythms and rich vocal harmonies. On several tracks it's easy to think you're hearing a dancehall remix of the Beach Boys or the Beatles (they even quote the fab four in "Hurry Love.") While "Without You" and "Danger In Your Eyes" have a more traditional reggae feel, both rhythmically and lyrically, "One Shot Chilla" is tailor-made for the dance floor. Here is maxi cd "One Shot Chilla".

01-One shot chilla (Radio Edit)
03-One shot chilla (Mantronik Cryogenic Formula)
04-One shot chilla (Underwolves Mix)

Click here to get one shot chilla!!!!

Bitrate 320
Size 44.8
Cd Rip


Punk-cho said...

Hi man! Thanks for the music!

any chance te re-up these? very aprecciated.




DjTaurunum said...

No time my brother ... I'll try to do re up when I get time

take care!!

Punk-cho said...

Thanks Man!

Ryan said...

CAN SOMEONE PLEASE reup a link for the busta Turn It Up FIre It up CDS I really need that promo cd asap!

thanks so much in advance

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