Saturday, 6 June 2009

Ice Mc-1996-Bom digi bom (Think about the way) [Maxi Cd]

Ice Mc aka Ian Campbell is a hip-house/eurodance rapper. His third album, "Ice'n'Green", was released in 1994 and featured Alexia on vocals. Three of his most successful songs, "Think About The Way," (also featured in the soundtrack to the 1996 film Trainspotting), "It's A Rainy Day" and "Take Away The Colour", made the charts all over the world. Ian now got a new look and new style: raggamuffin. Here is 1996 maxi cd "Bom digi bom (Think about the way)" with six mixes.

01-Bom digi bom (Bom Digi Bom Radio Edit)
02-Bom digi bom (Original Extended Mix)
03-Bom digi bom (The Dyme Brothers Mix)
04-Bom digi bom (Jules & Skins Pumped Up Club Mix)
05-Bom digi bom (The Luvdup 'Cliffy' Vocal Mix)
06-Bom digi bom (Doop Dibby Dub)

Click here to listen Bom digi bom!!!

Cd Rip
Size 76.1
Cd Rip

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