Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Silver Bullet-1989-20 seconds to comply [7inch]

London born rapper Silver Bullet and his second single "20 seconds to comply". In 98 he changed name to Silvah Bullet.

01-20 seconds to comply (Final conflict)
02-20 seconds to comply (The omen mix)

To comply click here!!!

Bitrate 320
Size 17.8
Vinyl Rip


baroquedub said...

Aaah... go here too late 'file not found' on rapidshare... any chance of a repost? Also looking for the 1st 12" 'Bring Forth the Guillotine'. I lent my vinyl copies to a friend at a party after DJing both tracks back to back - brought the house down! But he never did give them back to me... Thanks for some great posts. :)

DjTaurunum said...

Thanks baroquedub!!

Repost is here!! :)

PhoenixReborn85 said...

Cool song. Never heard of it before.

baroquedub said...

Yes mate! The bomb :) And great to hear its still inspiring people like PhoenixReborn85 (an accountant in his/her 20s, no less! respect) Thanks for the repost. Can anyone help with tracking down the 'Bring Forth the Guillotine' 12?