Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Soul II Soul-1990-Missing you [12inch]

"Vol. II: 1990 A New Decade" is a 1990 album by Soul II Soul. The album was #1 in the UK during early 1990. The album contained three UK hits, "Get A Life", which reached #3 (and which peaked at #54 on America's Billboard Hot 100), "A Dream's A Dream", which made #6 (and peaked at #85 on the Hot 100), and "Missing You", which reached #22 (and did not chart on the Hot 100). Here is 12 inch "Missing you" including 3 great mixes and "People" club mix.

01-Missing you (Thumpin' Bass Mix)
02-Missing you (The Healer Instrumental)
03-People (Club Mix)
04-Missing you (Humanity Mix)

Click here to get Missing you!!!

Bitrate 320
Size 45.3
Vinyl Rip

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mcantony said...

Many Thanks!!! I love 90s! :)