Sunday, 17 August 2008

Dream Warriors-1994-Day in day out [Maxi Cd]

Dream Warriors were an alternative hip hop duo from Toronto, Canada, comprised of King Lou and Capital Q (aka The Quiet Storm). In 1993, the duo expanded to include a third emcee named Spek, and the official membership of its longtime DJ, L.A. Luv (aka DJ Luv). Second album Subliminal Simulation, received mixed reviews and has since been forgotten. It featured guest vocals by Ishmael Butler of Digable Planets (on the track "Tricycles and Kittens"), and Gang Starr (Guru and DJ Premier) contributed to two different versions of the song "I've Lost My Ignorance (and Don't Know Where to Find It)", originally released in 1991. The first single, "Day In Day Out" was well-received by the hip-hop community and largely showcased new member Spek. The album seemed to steer the group away from the underground success of their previous album. Here is maxi cd "Day In Day Out" with three excellent remixes and album version.

01-Day in day out (Album Version)
02-Day in day out (Da Day After Remix)
03-Day in day out (Shanai Remix)
04-Day in day out (One Day In The Funk Remix)

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Bitrate 320
Size 39.6
Cd Rip

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