Monday, 11 August 2008

Oui 3-1995-The joy of living [Maxi Cd]

Oui 3 are an English/American/Swiss band who primarily produce dance music. The band is best known for their songs "Break From the Old Routine", "The Joy of Living" as well as their Buffalo Springfield-sampling 1993 hit "For What It's Worth". The three group members were Blair Booth, Philipp Erb and Trevor Miles. Here is maxi cd "The Joy Of Living" (which reached number 55 in the UK singles chart in 1995).

01-The joy of living (Radio Mix)
02-The joy of living (The Joy Of Living Little Ba Bas Mix)
03-The joy of living (The Joy Of Living Red City Vocal Mix)
04-World of form (Album Version)

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Bitrate 320
Size 49.4
Cd Rip

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