Thursday, 14 August 2008

Fatboy Slim-1998-Gangster trippin [Maxi Cd]

"Gangster Trippin" the name of a song by Fatboy Slim from the Dust Junkys' "Beat Box Wash" and Anne Robinson's "You Did It". In the radio cut, the verse "We gotta kick that gangsta shit" has been re-edited for censorship purposes. This song was featured on the PSP's Lumines II. The single peaked at #3 in the UK and #49 in Switzerland. Here is maxi cd "Gangster trippin" with two rare songs "The world went down" and "Jack it up".

01-Gangster trippin
02-The world went down
03-Jack it up (Dj Delite)

Click here to get Gangster trippin!!!

Bitrate 320
Size 35.5
Cd Rip

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Iosif said...

thanks a lot!

ps: do also have "beat box wash" and "you did it"?