Monday, 18 February 2008

Chevelle Franklyn feat. Beenie Man-1997-Dancehall queen [Maxi Cd]

Chevelle Franklyn is without doubt one of the most outstanding Ministers of Music to have arrived on the gospel music scene over the past eight years. Her energy as a performer, insight as a songwriter/producer, vocal capacity as a singer, and her anointing as a worshiper has ensured her success as a leading, international, multiple award-winning Psalmist. In 1997, Chevelle hit a lucrative opportunity to record the internationally acclaimed “Dancehall Queen” with Beenie Man, for Island Records. The soundtrack was used for the equally successful movie of the same name, in 1997. Maxi Cd "Dancehall queen" is here including six mixes produced by Sly & Robbie.

01-Dancehall queen (Bonzai Edit)
02-Dancehall queen (Maurice's Club Hall Edit)
03-Dancehall queen (Dancehall Cuts)
04-Dancehall queen (Delano Renaissance Mix)
05-Dancehall queen (MDZ Hardazz Dub)
06-Dancehall queen (Bonzai Mix)

Dancehall queen is here!!!

Bitrate 320
Size 56
Cd Rip


dunfyboy said...

Thanks for this. Quality track, but I think a couple of the mixes are mixed up (from what I can work out from Discogs - can't see this release on there). Thanks again.

DjTaurunum said...

Half of the stuff on discogs is not right so rare singles you can not see there. Nothing is mixed up this is regular release like every single on this blog beceause this is my collection.

take care

dunfyboy said...

Thanks for clearing that up.

I'm probably going to use it in a mix soon on so keep a look out for that.