Saturday, 16 February 2008

MN8-1995-Baby it's you [Maxi Cd]

MN8 are an R&B group from the United Kingdom, consisting of band members KG (co-founder, frontman,lead vocals), G-Man (co-founder, lead vocals), Dee Tails (rapper, choreographer and stylist who's gone on to style major recording artists such as Xzibit, Aril Lavigne, Maxwell and Shania Twaine ) & Kule T (lead vocals). Unlike many other R&B acts at the time, due to their look, sound and positioning, MN8 had the ability to cross over to mainstream international audiences. Their debut album "To The Next Level" soon followed and earned a respectable UK chart position and is also notable for igniting the songwriting career of Pamela Sheyne who wrote the song "Baby it's you" which Maxi Cd is here with three mixes and "Happy".

01-Baby it's you (Oji West Coast Mix)
02-Happy (Jodeci Mix)
03-Baby it's you (The Argonauts Club Mix)
04-Baby it's you (West London Mix)

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Bitrate 320
Size 45.9
Cd Rip

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