Sunday, 4 May 2008

Adamski-1990-The space jungle [7inch]

Adamski (born Adam Tinley, 4 December 1967, in the New Forest, England) is a dance music producer, prominent at the time of acid house for his tracks "N-R-G" and "Killer" (a collaboration with Seal). Adamski enjoyed modest success with his first release, "Live and Direct" which was a collection of tracks recorded live at a small venue in Kentish Town, London. It contained a short, live version of his first single, "NRG", as well as "I dream of you", which appeared on a free 4 track 7" vinyl single given away with the music paper, Record Mirror in 1989. Here is 7inch "Space jungle" taken from the second album "Doctor Adamski's Musical Pharmacy".

01-The space jungle
02-The 2nd coming

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Bitrate 320
Size 17.2
Vinyl Rip

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