Friday, 8 May 2009

Shanks & Bigfoot-1999-Sweet like chocolate [Maxi Cd]

"Sweet Like Chocolate" is a number 1 hit single by the musical duo Shanks & Bigfoot with vocalist Sharon Woolf. The track was later added to the duo's album Swings and Roundabouts. Vocals on the track were sung by Sharon Woolf, who also sung "Straight from the Heart" (UK Number 9) with them the year before under the name Doolally. Song went platinum and was top 10 in a number of countries but hit number 1 in the UK Singles Chart, reaching the top spot on the chart from May 25 to June 23. Here is maxi cd "Sweet like chocolate".

01-Sweet like chocolate (Shanks & Bigfoot Radio Edit)
02-Sweet like chocolate (Metro 7'' Remix)
03-Sweet like chocolate (Shanks & Bigfoot Original Mix)
04-Sweet like chocolate (Ruff Driverz Vocal)

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Bitrate 320
Size 43.9
Cd Rip